If you were unfortunate to have your visa declined, do not worry much, there can be some ways around. Talk to an expert Immigration Adviser as soon as possible there are many possible remedies can be applied within the time frame.

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New Zealand Immigration have closed the Sibling category from 16 May 2012, before that date, brothers and sisters of New Zealand Residents could apply to live in New Zealand if they me the criteria.

Parents of NZ Residents/Citizens still can apply to live in New Zealand. The residency categories are for parents are Tier one and Tier two, both these categories are depending on the sponsor’s annual income or the retirement funds invested by the applicants.

Well, New Zealand have skilled based point system. Which is called Skilled Migrant Category. International students who come to New Zealand for study, get one year open Job Search Visa to find a job in their field of qualification. Those who successfully find a relevant job to their study can then apply for Graduate Work Experience/ Work Visa Employer Assisted to gain work experience in New Zealand. If they meet other criteria for the SMC criteria they may be granted a Residency visa. Main area of Skilled Migrant Category are:

Work Experience
Close Family Member in NZ

People who do not hold a current valid visa in New Zealand called over stayers. Those people can make a request under section 61 of the Immigration Act 2009 to the Minister of Immigration to legalise their visa status in New Zealand. Immigration officer above the delegation 3 powers have the right to decide section 61 applications on the behalf of Minister of Immigration. The processing officer do not have to give reason for their decisions on section 61 request.

NZRP is New Zealand Residence Programmed, The New Zealand Residence Programme (NZRP) contains residence goals set by Government to meet New Zealand’s ongoing skills requirements and humanitarian commitments. The number of places available to migrants under the NZRP is reviewed by Cabinet periodically.

Currently the overall NZRP is set at 135,000 to 150,000 approved places between July 2011 and June 2014

No, Limited Purpose Visa can not be extended, it is for the specific purpose only, once that purpose is achieved the visa can not be changed to other type of visa. Limited purpose visa can be extended if the express purpose was not achieved.

An Immigration adviser would have a current knowledge of Immigration policies, they can represent your case in such a way and maximise your chances of success by providing the required documents with the application and submit your application in a professional way.